There are several ways the sun can be used to boost energy efficiency. It produces two types of renewable energy—one conserves heat, and the other generates electricity.

Regardless of how it’s used, solar energy doesn’t pollute the air since it doesn’t require a motor or fuel. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Let the sunshine in!

To encourage renewable energy production, Green Mountain Power invested in building a solar farm consisting of 7,700 solar panels in Rutland, Vermont.Énergir is proud to be a part of it. To add to its investments in solar energy,Énergir has acquired, in March 2017, Standard Solar, a leading U.S.-based firm specializing in the development, installation, and financing of commercial solar electric systems.


Cascades has distinguished itself as a trailblazer in the pulp and paper industry by installing the first concentrating solar power system, which it uses to supply its industrial complex with hot water.

Gaz Métro is proud to have helped finance this project, which has allowed Cascades to reduce the amount of natural gas it uses. The company’s future looks bright, since the complex will cut its CO2 emissions by 5,300 tons over the next 20 years.

Source: Cascades