The transportation industry accounts for 43% of the greenhouse gas produced in Québec. By replacing diesel with natural gas, heavy vehicles like trucks are now heading in the right direction—away from climate change—since natural gas emits up to 25% less GHG.

Source: Energy in Québec: A source of growth, 2030 Energy Policy, Québec 2016

Fuelling bright ideas on Québec's roads

Transportation companies like C.A.T., Groupe Robert, EBI and Gaudreau, as well as businesses that have fleets of vehicles, such as Provigo and Molson Coors, have acquired trucks that run on natural gas, and with good reason—not only is natural gas safe and reliable, it also saves money. Plus, it reduces engine noise by 10 decibels. Now that’s a change everyone can agree on.


The Blue Road is the first public network of natural gas fueling stations. Strategically located between Toronto and Montreal, these fueling stations ensure reliable supply for transportation companies along the very busy A20-A-401 highways. Each week, 48,000 heavy vehicles borrow the Bleu Road and can count on natural gas along the way.