Most popular natural gas home appliances

Choose the comfort and reliability of natural gas.  A shower that never runs out of hot water, a kitchen that lives up to your culinary ambitions, a clean fireplace that lights instantly, a barbecue that never goes “empty” when things are only half-cooked... Find out more about the appliances that can make your home life a lot easier.


Living blue means choosing comfort and the pleasure of home living! Efficient, practical and safe, natural gas makes everyday life easier for nearly 140,000 families in Québec. In the kitchen, the patio, the living room, the swimming pool or the bathroom, natural gas can make each of your living spaces more comfortable.

Guillaume Bouchard

When Guillaume Bouchard moved into his new home three years ago, he was pleased to discover that the heating system was not electric and that he could cook with natural gas.

Pierre Hébert

The two main criteria Pierre Hébert looks for when buying a house is central heating, for comfort, and natural gas, for performance and efficiency. Over 20 years ago, he and his girlfriend were happy to buy the family home, which already had a natural gas stove and boiler.