Residential testimonials

Several Énergir customers are more than happy to share their experience with natural gas. See the testimonials below to discover the many benefits of life in blue, wether you live in a single family home, a condo or a duplex / triplex.

Single family home

Guillaume Bouchard

A year and a half after moving in, the family converted their heating system and barbecue to natural gas. Switching to blue made perfect sense for the Bouchards, who already drove an electric car. The family’s heating bill has since been nearly cut in half. And thanks to a front-end subsidy, as well as annual savings of between $2,000 and $3,000, the costs of converting were quickly recouped.

Benefits of natural gas according to Guillaume Bouchard

Clean — There is no noticeable smell in the house compared to fuel-oil.
Affordable — Rates are competitive.
Available — It’s as readily available as running water.
Eco-friendly — Greenhouse gas emissions are reduced, so it’s a smart choice for the planet and for our kids.
Modern — As a society, we’ve gotten to the point where we can do this. And it’s a nice way to thumb your nose at big oil!


François Rainville

Four years ago, François Rainville and his girlfriend bought a natural gas-powered condo. They didn’t know much about this fuel, apart from the fact that it was affordable.

Natural gas — performance, comfort and peace of mind

The young couple were quickly convinced of the benefits of natural gas and are pleased with the increased comfort. The central heating system warms the air faster than an electric system. During a power outage, the natural gas fireplace served as backup heating. François and his girlfriend like being able to use the barbecue as much as they want without having to handle combustibles.

"Before, natural gas was a bonus and now it’s indispensable."- François Rainville

Single family home

Pierre Hébert

The two main criteria Pierre Hébert looks for when buying a house is central heating, for comfort, and natural gas, for performance and efficiency. Over 20 years ago, he and his girlfriend were happy to buy the family home, which already had a natural gas stove and boiler.

A uniform warmth, on demand

For heating, they activate the boiler and 15 minutes later, perfectly uniform warmth and a sense of increased comfort fill the house.

"To this day if I had to pick between two similar houses, I would pick the one with natural gas. Once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back."
Pierre Hébert


Benoit St-Pierre

Benoit St-Pierre has been the owner-occupant of a triplex in Villeray for over 10 years and until last year was still using heating oil for his hot water heating system. He decided to switch to natural gas while redoing the brickwork of his front wall.

A seamless economic transition

"The apartments we rent out are heated, so we cover the building’s heating costs. With natural gas, we save over $2,000 a year."
Benoit St-Pierre

As a result of the switch, not only has Benoit reduced his greenhouse gas emissions, but he’s no longer affected by fluctuating oil prices since natural gas is regulated. Bottom line: natural gas is clearly the hassle-free choice.