A seamless economic transition

Benoit began by contacting Énergir, which recommended three Authorized Partners. He then chose the best bid and has been thrilled with the quality of service since day one. The work was completed in two days and the paperwork was filled out by his supplier. Benoit even managed to sell his old tank and heating oil on Kijiji!

Benoit traded his cumbersome boiler for an affordable and innovative unit that will pay for itself in only two years. He expects to save 30% in energy costs, which amounts to more than $2,000 per year—a significant advantage for Benoit, who rents out two heated apartments.

As a result of the switch, not only has Benoit reduced his greenhouse gas emissions, but he’s no longer affected by fluctuating oil prices since natural gas is regulated. Bottom line: natural gas is clearly the hassle-free choice.

The apartments we rent out are heated, so we cover the building’s heating costs. With natural gas, we save over $2,000 a year.