On the menu:  efficiency, high performance and enjoyment

After several years, the boiler and the water heater were replaced, and a new interior natural gas barbecue was installed. The house then became even more energy efficient. This transition to blue was done in close collaboration with Métro Sud Gaz Naturel, a company specializing in natural gas appliances.

Everyone deserve a hot shower

Sometimes four or five adults take a shower in a row, while the dishwasher is going. With their 40-gallon water heater, they’ve never run out of hot water.

A uniform warmth, on demand

For heating, they activate the boiler and 15 minutes later, perfectly uniform warmth and a sense of increased comfort fill the house.

To this day if I had to pick between two similar houses, I would pick the one with natural gas. Once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back.

The Hébert family do what the great chefs do

Professional chefs use natural gas—that says it all. Pierre Hébert loves to cook and so a natural gas stove is essential. What’s on the menu for this chef? Efficiency, high performance and enjoyment.

Constant energy, even in case of power outages

Another major advantage is the independence natural gas affords in the event of power outages. During the ice storm in 1998, the Héberts could take hot showers, cook and keep themselves warm thanks to a backup generator that kept the fan and the boiler working.