Electronic programmable thermostat grant

As you may know, a programmable electronic thermostat can automatically reduce or adjust room temperature according to a preset daily or weekly schedule programmed in its built-in timer.

This program will be terminated by October 1, 2020

You can benefit from the smart thermostat grant. Smart thermostats are an effective way of managing your energy use.

Consume less, spend less

Énergir will pay you an incentive of $25 when you install an ENERGY STAR® eligible programmable electronic thermostat. You will save approximately 7% to 10% in energy compared to a home without a programmable thermostat.*

Eligible equipment (PDF)

How to get the grant?

To take advantage of this offer, the programmable electronic thermostat must be installed by an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner. Limit of one programmable electronic thermostat per heating appliance.

Programming tips for more control

Much more precise than conventional models, the programmable thermostat greatly diminishes temperature fluctuations and allows you to live more comfortably. When set at 20°C, the unit will activate, on average, when room temperature varies between 19.5°C and 20.5°C. Compare this to conventional thermostats, which activate at temperatures between 18°C and 22°C. Not only does it provide more comfort, but it also allows you to gain considerable energy savings (7 to 10%) at a minimal cost.


This program is designed for occupants of residential buildings that have a natural gas central heating system or who wish to connect their homes to the natural gas network.