Combo system grants

The combo system heats all rooms and provides hot water to combine your comfort needs. It is called a combo because the water heater is combined with a fan coil unit that heats the air. This installation will save energy, and space, if you opt for the tankless water heater.

Purchase and installation rebate

Enjoy a rebate when adding a combo system

Énergir customers who choose a natural gas combo system are eligible for a rebate of $500 applicable on the purchase and installation costs of the combo system (appliance approved for this technology). This is our way of helping you enjoy “life in blue".*

Grant for very high efficiency appliance

Get an additional grant by choosing a condensing water heater

Énergir offers a grant of $400 * to install a condensing tankless water heater installed in combo mode. A combo system with a condensing water heater allows you to achieve additional energy savings compared to the combo system with a standard tankless water heater or a standard storage water heater.*

Eligible appliances (PDF)


* In order to qualify for this grant, you must contractually commit with Énergir or an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner prior to your appliances’ installation. The total grant amount must not exceed admissible amounts. The installed unit must be used to heat both water and air (combo system installation) whether with a low or high velocity ventilation unit. This technology is suitable for the condominium and row house markets which have a maximum interior area of 1,500 square feet. This type of equipment should not be used as a boiler for a hot water heating system. Some restrictions apply. The conditions of the program and the amount of the grants are subject to change without notice.