Steps to connect your home

In Québec, nearly 140,000 households already benefit from the comfort and reliability of natural gas. Here are the steps to follow to connect your home to Énergir's natural gas network.

Your residence must be located near the underground natural gas network to be able to be connected. Check if it is close to our network by using the tool below.

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Even if your home seems to be close to the gas network (step #1), you have to confirm this with our Customer service at 1 800 875-6202, making sure you do so BEFORE making any purchases or planning any projects. Only a Énergir employee can confirm that you indeed have access to the network.

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Once service availability is confirmed, we will arrange to meet with you to get an idea of your installation needs and your possible options for new appliances and technology. This meeting entails no cost or commitment and is conducted by an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner.

  • Understand your needs

    Understanding your household's unique needs

    An Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner will come to your residence to assess your current energy needs and usage (heating, hot water, ventilation, kitchen, swimming pool, etc.) and determine your installation options. A professional analysis will help identify the solutions which will allow you to fully benefit from the quality of life natural gas has to offer.
  • Identify the best solution

    Finding options for improving your comfort and quality of life

    Following an analysis of your needs, an Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner will explain the best solutions available to you in terms of equipment and appliances as well as the advantages and implications of each solution.
  • Give you a quote

    Knowing project's cost and identifying available grants

    An Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner will give you a breakdown of the costs involved in purchasing and installing the natural gas equipment and will present the grants for which you are eligible. You will then have all the information you need to decide whether to go ahead with your project.

Contact us now for more information 1 800 875-6202

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Once you have accepted the project proposal, Énergir will proceed with connecting your residence to the underground gas network.

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1 800 875-6202

We need to validate if your home is close to the network

After your residence is connected to Énergir’s network, the Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner will proceed with the installation of the natural gas piping system and your new appliances and then conduct a leak test. After that, a technician from Énergir will activate the meter and ensure that the new installations are safe and in accordance with standards. The Énergir Certified Natural Gas Partner will then proceed to light the appliances and explain how they work.  You can then take advantage of your new life in blue.

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