Converting to natural gas: the cost-effective ans inspiring C.A.T. case model

For C.A.T., adopting natural gas is not only necessary, but also urgent. Convinced about the future potential of natural gas, the freight carrier has begun a rapid and full conversion of its 300 or so trucks over a two-year period.

SERVICES: Enclosed trailers for full or less-than-container loads; Reefer or heated trailers; Flatbed trailers; Modal transport; Warehousing



A rapidly viable project

“The primary advantage is economic. Despite recent dips in the price of diesel, natural gas has reduced our costs by 5%, including expenditure on maintenance and infrastructure.”
- Daniel Goyette, President of C.A.T.

In fall 2015, C.A.T. leased its first 100 natural gas-powered trucks from Ryder, and signed a refuelling contract with GAIN Clean Fuel, which operates stations along the carrier’s shipping corridors, from Ontario to Mexico via the Mississippi Valley. GAIN has also built a station at Coteau-du-Lac, connected to Énergir’s network. It took just a few months to see the cost-effectiveness of the project, despite the very low oil prices ($30/barrel). For companies who would like to give natural gas a try, trucks are available from C.A.T., and the refuelling station at Coteau-du-Lac is open to the public.

A smaller environmental footprint and greater comfort

First, because it generates less pollution, natural gas helps reduce the environmental footprint of C.A.T. customers, who operate primarily in the automotive and pulp and paper sectors. Yet another good selling point for securing contracts. Then there’s the comfort. Natural gas trucks reduce noise by 10 decibels: the noise from one idling diesel truck is comparable to the noise from 10 idling natural gas trucks.
Our drivers reap the benefits, because their trucks are quieter and have a less pungent odour than diesel trucks. At the end of the day, the drivers are less tired.

Daniel Goyette, President, C.A.T.

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